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Home maintenance expertise across a range of services

Our mission at McQueen Group is to retain our reputation as the number one specialist property maintenance company in Melton, VIC Australia. This means we go to great lengths to make sure all of our staff are fully qualified specialists in their respective fields which means that your maintenance project is placed under the attention of expert hands and well-trained eyes.

Versitility in Staffing

A huge advantage of using McQueen Group is that our staff are able to handle all sorts of project types, from the simple to the complex, across multiple disciplines. This means our customer can easily manage their renovation or maintenance projects with a single point of contact rather that employing multiple contractors.

Top Quality Equipment

A job done well requires the right equipment. At McQueen Group we ensure that only the proper equipment is used to get your project completed to your satisfaction and to safe industry standards. You benefit from a professional reliable service without the costs of having to purchase expensive equipment.

Anytime, Anywhere

For quick on-the-spot emergencies to home maintenance projects that have been left on the back burner for a while, call McQueen Group. We want to be your go-to service provider whether you need the lawn manicured to exacting standards, have a leaking tap fixed or the home rewired.

If you have and enquiry or you'd like to book a callout, just give us a call on
1800 MCQUEEN (1800 627 833)

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