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Plumbing and Drainage Services in Melton, Vic and Surrounding Suburbs

Quality general plumbing services done right the first time by skilled professionals

Plumbing problems in the home can severely disrupt the lifestyle of property owners and the day to day running of households. Problems can be wide ranging: from dripping taps, blocked pipes and toilets to water heater repairs. Sorting out plumbing repairs requires specialist expertise and the use of specialised equipment to ensure that the job is done right the first time to your satisfaction.

We have highly trained and experienced plumbers who take great pride in delivering superior customer satisfaction. They are able to put their expertise to use to get the job done right with the latest plumbing technologies available in the industry.

Let our motivated staff take care of your plumbing needs and have confidence that the job is done to the highest possible standard. Contact McQueen Group today.

McQueen Plumbing

McQueen Plumbing services provide a diverse range of plumbing services that cover:

Drainage & Unblocking

To effectively clean out blocked drains requires the use of specialised equipment such as high pressure water jets, drainage snakes and drainage cameras. It is a given that the plumber should be exceptionally skilled in the use of the equipment and what it is he or she is doing. At McQueen Group, all of our staff are professionally-trained experts. They perform an efficient service whilst taking every precaution to ensure the safety and protection of your property.

Bathrooms & Kitchens

From removal to installations of showers, baths, basins, vanities, toilets, shower screens and more… big renovations to simple tap changeovers, we have you covered!

Water Leak Detection

There are many factors that can cause water leakage with the top most common being incorrectly installed pipes and corroded and rusted pipes. Because these problems usually occur out of sight and more often than not underground, the first obvious sign that something is wrong is a build-up of water or when a hefty water bill arrives. Water leaks can take time before they are noticed. McQueen plumbing service’s technicians are aided by advanced pipe-tracing equipment to help locate the leaking pipe easily and quickly, saving you precious time and money.

Gas Installations

Wanting to install a new gas appliance and need a new gas supply fitted? We have licensed gas fitters ready to help! Have a gas leak, we can find and repair it!

Hot Water Systems

One of the luxuries of modern living is the instant access to hot water. It is easy to forget that these hot water systems are also subjected to wear and tear. Problems can arise from internal rust, incorrectly installed systems and the build-up of sediment. You know when your hot water system needs repairing when you experience an overflowing tank, a popping sound arising from the tank or when the water comes out discoloured. We have expert hot water technicians who are experienced in dealing with a range of water systems repairs.

Roof Plumbing

Over time old roofing iron can rust, get holes and start leaking, or old roof tiles aren’t protecting like they should? We can help replace or install new colour bond sheeting, fascia, guttering and down pipes!

Plumbing Emergencies

It is an inconvenient reality that plumbing emergencies don’t follow a pre-arranged schedule. Leaks, drain blockages or broken pipes often occur when you least expect it and often at the most inconvenient time. One of the ways in which McQueen plumbing services in Melton offers a service of distinction is to provide emergency plumbing services so you get the right help the moment you need it.

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